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Attraction Level of Boys with Long Hair.

Hairstyle makes a big difference when it comes to the boys.

If they have short hair they will look great but what if they have long hair?


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Many girls find long hair guy attractive and handsome but some deny this same statement. According to them, boys should look like boys, and they should not adopt getups like girls.

But the thing in between both of them is that what your rest of the personality is looking like?

If you are slim with long hair and you don’t have any muscular touch in your body, then it looks awkward to make yourself attractive.

It also depends on your face cut that what kind of body you have and how much long hair do you want to keep?

Many models like to have long hair like girls till their back, but some boys like to have short hair because they think it looks like their personality is tough with the short hair.


Image from Mens Hair Forum

Many Japanese and other guys follow the trend of having long hair with the slim character, but this is not attractive.

Some wrestlers have long hair, but they have great build due to which hairstyle suits them and give them tough and angry look.

If you want to have an example of Brad Pitt, then he adopted long hair do where he used to put them in a ponytail which looks high on him due to this facial hairs as well.

If you want to have long hair and you want to get noticed then, it would be great to change your face as well by having some facial hair.

In this way, the long hair is going to enhance the features of your face, and you will not look weird without any witness of being a guy.

Well, this thing depends on a girl too that what she likes and what not. Some girls like all boys with long hair and some like boys with short hair.

It doesn’t mean that boys with long hair are not attractive, but it all depends on the choice of every individual. Some people like to have great things in style and when the trend of long hair goes they change their cut into short.

Image from Mens Hair Forum

Image from Mens Hair Forum

When we talk about the scientific reason of having long hair, then it means that they have excellent health as compared to the other guys whose hair don’t grow as much as these guys.

If you want to make your face pretty with the long hair, then do some facial exercise to bring outpointed features and have some facial hair to give a fierce look to your personality.

According to the survey, girls like to attract to the men who have facial hair with the long hair, and it looks good on them.

Every person is beautiful, and they don’t have to think they are looking good in long hair or short hair, if you like something, then that is just the right thing for you.

But if you are not comfortable in something then, of course, change it right away.


Image from Mens Hair Forum


Attraction Level of Boys with Long Hair.
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