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Why we can’t Born With the Purple and Green Color?

When it comes to our hair, then this is the quite amazing thing that we born with the different colors of hair. Like some born with black hair some born with blonde and some with brown.

But have you ever thought that why it is impossible to born with the other hair colors like green, purple, blue and other funky colors we use to paint when we to the salon?

Image from Hollywood Reporter

Image from Hollywood Reporter

Of course, there is a reason, and the reason is fascinating for most of the people. The question we are looking for the answer is that why we can’t born with the funky hair color?

Our human body is made up of thousands of cells, and we all are same from inside. Our body functions are same, and we perform our daily task like other human beings too.

When it comes to making a baby then our body only product two types of pigments Eumelanin and Pheomelanin.

Eumelanin is the pigment which produces black and brown color hair, but it depends on the mixing of cells and pigments.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

The amount of black and brown color decides whether the baby is coming with the black hair or brown hair.

Second pigment which is known as Pheomelanin which produces reddish yellow color.

You can say people who born with blonde and dark yellow hair or with some red texture in their hair are born with this kind of pigments.

It also depends on the number of pigments mixing and bringing out a new color. Other than these two pigments our body is unable to produce other colors.

The mixing of the pigments depends on the color of parent’s hair. If your father hair color is brown and your mother is blonde, then it depends on whose pigment is going to take most of the place in your body.

We can explain it in this way, like if a baby is getting fully functional genes for eumelanin, then there are high chances that baby will be born with the jet black hair.

But if a body has one less useful Eumelanin then a baby will get born with the brown shades like light brown, dark brown and baby can be born with the white blondes as well.

Image from Hair Crazy

Image from Hair Crazy

This dark brown and light brown combination can happen in a situation where a body is getting both less functional Eumelanin for the production of hair color.

If you are getting two Peumelanin gene, then there are possibilities that baby will be born with the reddish brown colors and with the other combinations of red and brown.

We can’t be born with the colors like green and purple because there is no pigment in our body which can produce these colors and we can’t have these colors in our hair by combining pigment with some other pigments.

Black, brown and blonde color can’t make purple. That is the scientific reason why we all born with the standard colors.

Image from Tokyo Fashion

Image from Tokyo Fashion

But if you want to have some funky color to your hair then, of course, salons are waiting for you to give you some great style.

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