Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles Hair Struggle

Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles Hair Struggle

I pretty much lost it today perusing the posts from ladies and men on Twitter reprimanding Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles over their actually wavy and, yes, unusual hair!

These two Black ladies are nearly breaking records at the Olympics that will push African American competitors and ladies to statues unimaginable 10 years back and all parents have room schedule-wise to do is a spotlight on their hairdos!


Image from NBC Sports

This enraged me on such a variety of levels. In the first place, as a Black lady that works out five days a week and needs to battle with having a “decent hair day” pretty much regular that I show up on camera, I know direct that it is so hard to keep up Black hair while I work out.

My week after week 20-mile runs is nothing contrasted with the thorough workouts that these world-class gymnasts need to do on the normal to be at the highest point of their amusement!


Image from Madam Noir

Next, as the mother of two female tennis players, I know the battles of both of their moms. At the point when my little girls began playing recreational tennis at five and six years of age individually, I innocently thought I could, in any case, deal with their hair with a decent old press and twist.

I even persuaded myself that with a superior conditioner and a “bone straight” squeeze, that bows and favor haircuts were still a probability.

As Michael and Morgan (my girls) both began to play focused tennis, I immediately understood that it would have been “straight hair” or trophies, yet something needed to give.


Image from Live Civil

It was an easy decision! The open door for Black young ladies to take in an aggressive game and the diligent work, devotion and order that accompanies it settled on the decision straightforward for me as a mother and I am certain given the ability that Gabby and Simone have illustrated, their mothers didn’t delay for one second in settling on the choice to making hairdos unimportant.

While talking about the 16-year-old Gabby Douglas is authoritatively an Olympic gold medalist.

However, a few people watching her contend weren’t concentrating on her floor exercise  they were diverted by her hair.

Monisha Randolph, who runs a web journal called Sporty Afros, has been alarmed with what she’s seen: so what’s the major ordeal about Gabby’s hair?

From what I am perusing on Facebook and Twitter, numerous African American ladies who are SITTING and WATCHING Gabby contend trust her hair is not “kept.”

Some say Gabby needs a gel or meditation for her hairs.

Gabby Douglas represents her country Rio in Olympics and took gold in gymnastics. But people overlooked her achievement and made fun of her hairs.

The web portals such as twitter, facebook, Instagram and others are filled with the remarks on her hairs.

But ignoring these ruthless trolls over the internet Gabby the true achiever athletes concentrates on her work and does even better all the times.

Thanks to Sports Nut  for providing such a post.

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