What Does Short, Medium, Long Hair Means?

That is the oldest problem we all have heard about. What is the difference between short, medium and long hair?

Some people think that if they have hair on the shoulders, then it means it’s an important criterion and some believe that these are called short hair.

But in reality, people don’t have an idea what the rules of short and long hair are?

Women go to salons and ask them to cut their short into short when they check out themselves then they feel like these are way too short, and I thought I ask them to reduce them in a cut not very short.

Image from Mane Addicts

Image from Mane Addicts

Here we are talking about what hair are short, medium and long so you can understand the difference between their lengths.

Let’s have a look at what actually length is.


Short hair looks cool on girls especially when they are in their average age or when they are old.

People don’t like to have the short haircut so much because usually after getting a cut they don’t feel hurt and it seems like that they made a terrible mistake.

If your hair is not longer than shoulder blade, it means they are short, and if your hair is not longer than your ear it means you got a very short haircut.

But if your hair length is longer than the shoulder then they are not considered to be short hair.

Long Hair

Image from Hair Styles


Medium hair is known as the most typical style because most of the girls who don’t like to have short hairs and who don’t have time to manage long hair they like to keep medium length hair.

Medium length hair means that your hair should be longer than the shoulder blade.

If your hair is longer than your shoulder blade and equal to your armpit, then it means that you are in medium length hairstyle category.

You can’t say that your hair is short or way too long because this is what we called medium cutting or medium length. That is the most common and shared style majority of girls love to have.

Long Hair

Image from Style


Maintenance of long hair is not an easy thing for girls. If someone has long hair with the good health, then there is an excellent support behind it.

Women don’t like to have long hair because they don’t have much time to keep them oily to provide enough nourishment and to make them shiny.

If your hair length is longer than armpits, then you fall into long hair category. The major advantage of having long hair is that you can have any healthy cutting in long hair.

Long haircut looks good because the strength of the hair allows the beautician to enhance the steps of the cutting.

That is the difference between short, medium and long hair. So next time if someone confuses you in lengths you can explain to them what do these terms mean.

You can understand the haircut too and can choose suitable cut according to your hair length.

Long Hair

Image from Styles Weekly

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